Hello! Update Post Re-Post

[First post on the new site! Just a re-post of the Facebook/Tumblr post from earlier.]

Re:Kinder – Part 19 will be up tomorrow (Thursday). No point in trying to release it late tonight since it’s just started uploading. This might be the last episode for the week depending on my schedule on Friday – Just a heads-up.

Second order of busy, my ‘discontinued’ series. I recently streamed some more Mass Effect over the weekend but have ultimately decided to stop playing it. Mass Effect, while one of my favorite game series ever, was a game with a LOT of content and sort of a new challenge for me to face as an LPer/Streamer. Ultimately, it’s too massive of a game for me to try and play /while/ being entertaining. While the option to just “chill stream” it is very much an option, it will no longer be a series on its own.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Waiting on a new capture card. Should be relatively soon. I might have been a little excited on my guesstimation about BroOp returning. It /is/ a priority, however. Ark and I will return to finish the story mode before moving on to the next game.

Destiny – Discontinued as a series. Sort of lost interest. ‘Might’ upload some stuff from the new expansion for fun.

Penumbra: Black Plague – Thought about it some and will probably continue after Re:Kinder is over since we’re already into it.

Alien: Isolation – Hard discontinue. Just no longer interested in it.

Pokemon: Uranium – Pokemon games are their own unique style of Let’s Plays and I don’t feel I have the dedication to make it mine. The RPG elements of grinding outside the serie’s main moments: Rival battles, Gym battles, story-stuff, etc, are just another thing on my currently full schedule.

Dead Island – Pretty much dead.

So yeah, this has been a little update! See you guys next time!


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