Update Time! – New Faces, New Series!


So, Half-Life is officially over! We beat it years later than we should have, but it was a fun experience. Our next series takes us back to the world of RPG Maker titles with Mogeko Castle.

Warning: This game will have many mentions of sexual violence and other content. Viewer discretion is heavily advised. There will be another warning at the beginning of the video.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 has only a few episodes left. Ark and I need to reply through chapter 3 and 4 for the sake of the ‘True’ ending. You’ll see the ‘Bad Ending’ this week! Not sure what we’re doing after that.

Guacamelee and Metal Gear Solid V, both series with Hollywood, will sit incomplete for the time being. We intend to return to them! Promise. Our next guest, going by the name Biohazard the last time I checked, is the Theo that Ark and I have mentioned in past videos. We’ll be playing ‘The Evil Within’! I hope you all enjoy it!

So, yeah, this was pretty much the update. See you all next week!


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