Mogeko Finale! What’s next!?

Alright, so here’s the standard “We’re about to finish Game X and here is what’s going to happen” post that will probably become the normal thing from here on out in terms of solo series.

So, Friday is Mogeko Castle‘s big Finale! After 13 episodes, we’re done and, boy, it’s a doozy. But now we have to figure out where to go next! I’ve narrowed it down to three games:

  • Blank Dream, a recently released/recently translated? RPG Maker title that I’ve noticed many of the bigger Youtubers playing. It’d be a blind playthrough however as it didn’t have my interest at first and I’ve only seen the popularity.
  • We go old school and play through Soul Reaver! Yes, the classic PS One title lives on my PC thanks to and I was planning on playing it with Ark, but I may have all the fun for myself. I’ve played portions of this game in the past and would love to return to beat it, then perhaps start the series of games off.
  • And Option 3: Yesterday. This is a game that’s been on my Steam list for a while but I’ve never found the time to play it with work and all the big releases. The art style interested me, but I think I’d enjoy the story it has to bring from the description on Steam.

So, there are the options. What would you all like to see next? Tell me on my Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr,, wherever!

I’ll see you guys and girls next time!


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