It has come to my attention that Soma, the new game from Frictional Games -the creators of Amnesia: the Dark Descent– will be releasing next week. With that news, we won’t be starting a long-running series, but rather play several small games from this year’s Indie Game Maker Contest to hold us over until next week. Then, it’s on to Soma.

In regards to the original choices: Blank Dream, Soul Reaver, or Yesterday – Justin wants to do Blank Dream in October for a BroOp series, I’m not particularly interested in Yesterday over Soma, and Soul Reaver just wouldn’t record or kept crashing. Simple as that. I guess the software is just too dated, you know? Oh well.

So, hold on through his week of Until Dawn, League of Legends, and some small indie titles and prepare yourself for a new adventure in horror, in Soma!

And I’ll see you all next time!


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