November Update!!!

So, it’s been a bit since the last update and that’s on me. Nothing eventful has happened outside the norm.

But, we’re in November now! BroOp Gameplay returns with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and the ‘finale’ of Until Dawn.

I say ‘finale’ because we’ve decided to return to it eventually, but considering we got one of the various endings, it’s ‘over’ for the sake of the playthrough. From here on out, if we return to it, it’ll be trying to just keep everyone alive from what could be considered the ‘True Ending’. It’s not a priority though.

Black Ops 3, however, will bring a change to the BroOp formula. In the past, we’ve uploaded the entire screen, the split-screen, in each video. It might have been hard to follow for some viewers. I tried to edit in the style of the Achievement Hunter, having it alternate between Jake’s POV and mine, but it was wayyy too time-consuming for someone trying to do this in their spare time alone. So, with Black Ops 3 (and ignoring the comment I make about trying the new style that’ll be in episode one), I’m going to split each episode into two videos: one with my POV and one with Jake’s. So, each BroOp in this series will be labeled ‘Something Something [Ark #1] or [Sharky #1].

THIS IS A TEST OF A NEW SYSTEM. Feedback would be very much welcomed.

I guess that’s all I have for right now. See you guys and girls later!


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