Updates! [Dec 13, 2015]

Hey there, friends! Sharky here with a small update and all that. I just like keeping you all in the loop.

BroOp Gameplay returns tomorrow with two videos: mine and Ark’s respectively – with a new solo series video later in the day. I had some problems with my computer earlier (blue-screen), so I’ve been working through that today and believe I got things fixed. Guess we’ll see and all. I’ll be recording later this evening and won’t get around to editing it before I need to sleep.

We’ll be beginning to return to RPG Maker titles, specifically a small game called “Red Syndrome“. I don’t think many people have LP’d it, so I hope you all enjoy our first look!

Also, we’re debating whether or not to make BroOp Gameplay it’s own channel and expanding on what we do with it. So more on that as it develops. Also, Done Right Productions may be getting back on track with new content as well, but that’s still in the works too.



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