Re-Update [Dec 29, 2015]

OK, so some developments on the annoying side today. After testing out the resolution of Star Wars: Republic Commando, I attempted to record. Got nothing on OBS in either Window Capture or Game Capture. So that sucked.

Swapped the series choice to Half-Life 2. Five minutes in, OBS started giving me the red warning of High CPU Usage and the preview was lagging to oblivion. Adjusted settings some, same deal.

Tested with a League of Legends match, no errors. So I’m going to assume that high graphical quality games will be lagging my OBS for the time being until I discover the source of the problem. So, with that, I’ve delved into the world of RPG Maker games again to locate a game for tomorrow’s recording session and will HOPEFULLY have something for you all on Wednesday in addition to Black Ops 3’s finale (which also needs to be recorded). If it’s not OBS though, but rather a CPU issue, I’m concerned about the footage for Black Ops 3 as well, so I’ll keep you all posted on that.

Sorry for the delay, I know I promised consistency, but these things happen. Hopefully I can fix things and have a steady (and stable) series of videos post-New Year’s.


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