As of 6:30pm – March 2, 2016 – I have come to learn that my Adobe Master Collection serial number has expired. As some of you may or may not know, I was given the code by a friend through his school, but was under the impression it was a lifetime serial number – not a limited time one. This is a $1500-$2000 program, so you can understood why I’m not just going out and purchasing a new one.

This sucks on the most impressive of scales. I can’t access my Premiere Pro, my Audition, my Photoshop, After-Effects, anything. I cannot edit my videos. I cannot record my audio. I cannot make my thumbnails.

So – with today’s LEGO Avengers – I will be on an indefinite hiatus until I can figure it out. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: I could go with cheaper programs. I’ve tried them before getting Premiere and I can tell you the quality will drop drastically. Especially with Sony Vegas. Plus they cost money as well and I’m not risking my entire system with sketchy torrents and cracks to avoid the fees. I’d rather stick this out until I have the Adobe stuff back because – to make it perfectly clear –  it’s the best fucking collection of programs I’ve ever used. Period.

Thank you all for the support over the last few years. I promise to not be gone long.

  • Dallas “SharkyHatGamer” Landreth

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