Update – April 2nd


So, small update time!

We got our Adobe software back and will be using the Patreon donations to continue paying for the Creative Cloud, so I appreciate the support. It helped keep this channel going.

Recording sessions for Half-Life 2 will resume on Sundays again with episodes for Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. We got three uploaded this week, but I’ll make sure to get the full week back on track each Sunday.

Recording sessions for BroOp Gameplay will resume when I fix whatever happened to my OBS/Elgato interaction. It hasn’t wanted to work as intended this week and I’m looking into the issue. BroOp Gameplay episodes will resume on Monday/Wednesday/Friday following the correction and recording.

During the end slate of the final three episodes of each series, I will begin adding a Poll card (visible on desktop and mobile) where you all can select the next Let’s Play series we play. I’ll select three choices from games I’m interested in and then add them to the poll for you all to pick from. Poll will be checked 24 hours after the Finale episode airs. Keep an eye out!

We will be working on a new opening and end slate specifically for BroOp, so be on the look out for that too!

So, yeah, that’s where we stand right now on SharkyHatGamer. If anything big happens, I’ll post here and you can see it on Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter.


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