Update on Stuff! [June 13, 2017]

Well, haven’t had new videos for the last week-and-a-half and it’s been a mixture of illness (sore throat and coughing which makes for a terrible quality of video), lack of interest in Yooka-Laylee, and general lack of focus in general right now. We will be getting back to BroOp Gameplay with either Yooka-Laylee or something else – entirely sure yet – in the coming days.

The Sharky Plays stuff will continue at some point as well with either Outlast 2 like I want to do or Wolfenstein or something else if anything crosses my mind. That had just been because of a lack of free-time outside of other free-time activities. I play D&D a few days a week. Any time we have available to record goes to BroOp Gameplay, so unless I’m pulling double-duty on certain days I won’t be getting much done of solo stuff.

Sorry for the lack of content, ladies and gents.


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