It’s Been A While

It is currently Memorial Day 2018 as I sit and type this update. It’s been exactly three months since the finale of Half-Life 2: Episode 2; a little over a month since we finished our first live-streamed Let’s Play with Dead Space; and two weeks since our last stream/upload in general.

I’ve spent some time thinking about what I want to do with SharkyHatGamer and weighed the pros and cons about returning to produced content as well as diving head-first into an aggressive streaming schedule. I want to make SharkyHatGamer part of something bigger with BroOp Gameplay and our original channel, Done Right Productions, and I know that’s going to take effort with the condition that Youtube is in at the moment.

And I’m ready to put forth that effort again.

We have to get re-monetized, so we need to hit that subscriber count. To get subscribers, we need to show we’re consistent and entertaining enough to be subscribed to.

Now… entertaining with SharkyHatGamer and BroOp Gameplay has been… subjective. I’m a more focused gamer with a quip every now and then rather than someone more vocal and energetic. I know it’ll be hard and I’ll probably only have a niche audience, but that’s not a reason to quit. It’s a challenge meant to be overcome and the rewards for doing so will be so much sweeter.

I have a dream of making SharkyHatGamer and BroOp Gameplay part of something bigger. I want to make it one aspect of a larger creative group. I have begun to do some voice-acting work for two separate projects to get a feel for newer forms of creativity and still write from time-to-time, but would like to eventually finish a novel and get it published. Or at least submit it for publishing, just to say I did – whether or not it is accepted. I believe my other ambitions and projects will need to be set aside for now and my energy focused on the SharkyHatGamer channel. Once that is a sustainable channel, I can open my time to newer things bit-by-bit, piece-by-piece.

BroOp Gameplay can return eventually as its own entity as I had originally imagined, but that will come after Crash Bandicoot is finished on the primary channel. As for what comes next for SharkyHatGamer, I’m not sure, but I will be spending a few days to find out. Live-streams? Maybe. A return to produced content? Perhaps. A balanced mixture of both? Most likely.

Nothing is ever free and success can only come from striving for it. If that means pushing myself to keep a schedule and to get content made on time, then I need to push myself to do that. I can’t succeed if I simply don’t try to.

At the end of the day, we may never reach the full potential of SharkyHatGamer and BroOp Gameplay, but that’s a “may”.

Not trying makes that a certainty.

So, after months of self-doubt and kicking myself when I was already down, I’m SharkyHatGamer… and I’m coming back. See you all again real soon.



Youtube Changes and the Direction of the Channel [Jan.18, 2018]

Given the recent changes to the Youtube Partnership Program and the criteria you need to meet to be monetized, we will be losing our partnership with TGN/BroadbandTV.

The money was never the focus of the channel, but it was still a part of that “Grand Plan”. I want this to be what I do for a living and, despite how I’ve gone about it in recent months, that dream is still there and very much alive. Money is sadly a factor for that to become a reality since, like most people, I have bills to pay. Given the time it will take to grow and meet the new criteria, I feel the channel needs to change. I feel the old ‘Lets Play’ style is dead or dying, barring those who are already established. It’s just a sea of people trying to do what everyone else is doing and most will drown while others will survive the current.

I am not a talented man by any stretch of the imagination, so on my current path I will drown. If you’ve been watching me these last four years, you’ll definitely notice that. I play these games as if I was playing them in my own home around my friends rather than being animated and trying to crack jokes. I still crack jokes, but they’re quite stupid at times. I think the most fun I have with my recordings is ‘BroOp Gameplay’ because you see the natural side of my roommates/friends and I. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I feel I’m much more entertaining with other people than when I’m alone.

I’ll be spending this week testing and researching new recording settings through VB-Voicemeeter and Discord and OBS to ensure I can get clean, editable audio because I think from this point out, we’re not going to be a solo channel anymore. In my Lifetime stats, there is only 1 video that is a solo LP episode in the Top 25 videos. Most of them are ‘BroOp Gameplay’ videos, ‘League of Legends’ games or clips, or ‘With Friends’ videos. That one video is the first episode of “Listen”. Most of the views go to games with friends.

We’re going to play more games online ‘With Friends’ and do more ‘BroOp Gameplay’ videos here at the house. Hopefully there will be some other things thrown into it. Perhaps we’ll make ‘BroOp Gameplay’ its own channel now and keep things a little cleaner. Maybe we’ll even finish “Crash Bandicoot”.

I don’t know.  If you’ve stuck with me throughout these four years, thank you. I’m sorry I’ve been quite the unreliable creator in recent months, but I hope we can focus on redefining ourselves and starting that climb.

An Update on SharkyHat

I’m doing OK. I tried to record some stuff this week, but it wasn’t up to snuff with what I’d like and I felt pressured to even get started. I’m feeling a little better about things, but there’s still this weight to the world and it sucks.

I’ll be taking October to work on stuff for the T-shirt store, maybe some other projects, and getting new things planned out. Come November, we’re going to try and start again. The immediate agenda is beating Crash Bandicoot on BroOp Gameplay and then getting the SNES A-to-Z started. Aside from that, I think I’m going to play through the second episode of Half-Life 2 and finish that series as a way to get my back into solo mode.

There may be a variety of newer videos coming onto the channel – D&D stuff, some more frequent streams, and other stuff. We’re also slowly working on more stuff from the old group, Done Right Productions. It’s been a slow process all around, but I’m probably slower than the others in my drive in recent weeks.

But, at the end of the day, I’m still here. I’m still fighting.

  • SharkyHat

Another Apology Post and A Decision

So, you can see we’ve been sporadic with uploads these last two weeks or so. It’s not because of the game, or because of technology, or even time this… time. I’ve been struggling with mental and emotional stuff and it’s taken a lot out of me. I’m not happy where I am in my life and from what I can guess this is an early version of a Mid-Life Crisis.

I feel stuck and everyday I wake up, go to work, come home, and record whenever I’m not mentally wearing myself down or am just physically tired. I’m not sleeping well at night. Lately, I come home and sit at my computer and just… do nothing. I look at Tumblr and watch Youtube videos and occasionally work on DnD stuff. I take my walks to clear my head, but it’s a temporary fix. I don’t have the drive to do anything else right now except just sit.

I’m sorry for the lack of content. I’m sorry for being so inconsistent. I’m sorry for being unhappy and letting it affect my channel. I wish I knew what to do. I just… I can’t bring myself to make videos right now and it sucks.

SharkyHatGamer/BroOp Gameplay are on a temporary hiatus as of today. Hopefully I’ll have this all figured out in a few days and hopefully no longer than a few weeks.

If you’re donating to the Patreon, your continued support will be appreciated because I will continue paying on the software for when we do return.


Thank you all for your understanding.

– Dallas “SharkyHat” Landreth

[Update] July 27th, 2017

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, it is I, SharkyHat.

I want to start by saying ‘Crash Bandicoot’ will be returning Monday. Sorry for the lack of videos past Tuesday, too. I’ve been busying playing ‘Fortnite’ – which is GREAT – and generally spending time relaxing.

Given how little time I have during the day after my work schedule, I have found myself generally happier with sitting back and just playing a game for myself for a change. It’s been refreshing to not worry about mic checks, recording setup, frame rate, editing, uploading – all that.

Don’t worry though, the creations aren’t ending! After we finish ‘Crash Bandicoot’, BroOp Gameplay will be doing something a little… different. We’re being doing an A-to-Z series for the SNES! Each episode will be four or five games, single session highlights, with a rotating cast of the BroOp Gameplay crew. We hope you all enjoy it! It may be an every-other-day thing or just a Friday thing – depends on how much we accomplish during the week.

Just wanted to catch up and not disappear again. Catch you all Monday!

Update on Stuff! [June 13, 2017]

Well, haven’t had new videos for the last week-and-a-half and it’s been a mixture of illness (sore throat and coughing which makes for a terrible quality of video), lack of interest in Yooka-Laylee, and general lack of focus in general right now. We will be getting back to BroOp Gameplay with either Yooka-Laylee or something else – entirely sure yet – in the coming days.

The Sharky Plays stuff will continue at some point as well with either Outlast 2 like I want to do or Wolfenstein or something else if anything crosses my mind. That had just been because of a lack of free-time outside of other free-time activities. I play D&D a few days a week. Any time we have available to record goes to BroOp Gameplay, so unless I’m pulling double-duty on certain days I won’t be getting much done of solo stuff.

Sorry for the lack of content, ladies and gents.

Frustrations [Personal]


So, following Resident Evil 7, I think the channel is going to undergo a major shift in how things are presented. This episode-by-episode system? It sucks. Do I have time for heavily edited videos? Fuck no. So what do we do? I don’t fucking know.

Look, I’m not going to sugar-coat this: maintaining the channel as it is is bullshit. It’s a sinking ship in my eyes. It’s an outdated style of presentation in a sea of copycats and clones and there is nothing defining it further than my deadpan personality and the occasional humor that comes from BroOp Gameplay episodes.

Long story short: We’re going nowhere. I understand that some people love our show… but that can only get us so far, you know? We have 450+ subscribers and average 15-20 views at the most on videos… Most of them are from me while I add the cards. That’s a shitty feeling when people who see you post stuff each day don’t even bother watching.

I know this can be considered whining or complaining, but when it’s time to realize that the model isn’t exciting, or entertaining, or even worth the effort anymore, you gotta make some changes. I love having a channel, but right now… I just don’t love the work I have to do to get things on it.

Hell, this entire post could just be what I need to type to vent and clear my head.  I’m going nowhere as an individual – on channel and off of the channel. I have hardly dream anymore; I have no realistic goals to achieve in a decent time-frame; no hobbies to fully enjoy anymore, everything feels like work instead of fun; food’s losing its taste. I’m lonely even when surrounded by friends and in a relationship.

Life sucks right now and I feel like I’m drowning. I need something to change. Something to just go right for once and as it stands it’s probably not the channel until we change something up and make it feel new again… But if the channel can change and improve, then I’ve got something to strive for and focus on. Hopefully that will bring me back to my old self.

Thank you for letting me vent. Thank you for your support.

We hope things can shine a little brighter again soon.