The Week of 1/9 – 1/13

Hello folks, it’s your boy SharkyHat.

After the last few hectic holiday weeks, I took this weekend to relax and let myself decompress, straighten out my head, and generally just pull myself back together after all that work and holiday cheer and New Years weekend.

For this week, I won’t be recording ‘Half-Life 2 – Episode 1’ although ‘The Last Guardian’ will be recorded whenever Brandon and I can get together to do so. Instead, I will be streaming most of this week for 2-3 hours each night with the exception of recording ‘The Last Guardian’ on whichever day it can occur.

I’ve been wanting to stream more, but the lack of time makes it difficult. So, I’m just gonna switch it up this week and give you guys some different content. Not sure what we’d be playing, but as always you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook for the updates.

Christmas Week Update!

So, it’s the week before Christmas and the work schedule is packed. For this week, there will probably not be any “The Last Guardian” episodes going up until after Christmas.

As for Half-Life 2 – Episode 1, I will be recording tomorrow and editing what I can but given I work from 10am to roughly 10pm on Tuesday through Thursday, I can’t promise timely episodes.

This has been an update and I’m sorry! This time of year is always hectic. Don’t forget to enter the contest for a PC version of Watch_Dogs 2 here! Winner will be chosen on Christmas Day!

Update – Shop Link Changes

The URL that is in the descriptions of videos for Shop SharkyHat is incorrect after Spreadshirt changed some things.

New URL is here. Disregard the one linked in all videos before Dark Souls 3, Episode 53 for the time being. Future videos will contain the new one and I’ll begin fixing the older videos to reflect changes.

Update – September 12, 2016

It’s going to be filler videos this week, guys. Don’t feel like Miaou Moon is a good ‘series’ game, but something more akin to a filler in itself, and I tried to find something new to play but I just didn’t…feel…it.
I think I just have a lot on my plate between the work I give myself to do for all this – for SharkyHat – like the shop (which I’d like to focus more on such it’s something that could actually help me financially outside the channel) and almost 8 videos a week on top of actually having work and responsibilities that require my attention and energy…and I’ve think I’ve overloaded my body and mind. I’ve been sore from sitting at this desk so much and I’ve been in my room recording, editing, and micro-managing most days for hours on end.
I know I said I’d be back to doing it, but I sat down and even setting up everything was…frustrating. I’ve been frustrated recently with the channel work even as far back as starting Miaou Moon, but I pushed through it because I had to. And that’s the problem, I think: I ‘had’ to. Playing games should be fun and only the editing should be work, but now it feels like everything is work and it’s work I’m ‘supposed’ to do rather than ‘wanting’ to do… On top of that, after updating my Adobe products, things were running slower or lagging my computer briefly, so I feel like I now run the risk of losing footage in general. I know I HAVE to record something to see what happens, so Jake and I will just take our chances either tonight or tomorrow, whenever.
So to sum it up, this week will be some commentary-less LoL videos most likely because I can edit five of those in like 20 minutes) and BroOp whenever Jake and I get to it (because I can just sit and relax and casually talk) for the usual 3 videos a week. I hate these hiatuses and excuses, but I think I’m physically and mentally starting to wear myself down way too much making sure I can be consistent.
I hope you all can understand that and stick with me the next few days.
– Sharky

Update – July 11, 2016

Oh boy, it’s been a while since there’s been an update.

So, if you’ve been following the channel, the last ‘Sharky Plays’ series ended exactly four months ago today. Since then, it’s been nothing but ‘BroOp Gameplays’ – that won’t be the case much longer.

After finishing Kirby, I will return to a solo series. I don’t know which game yet. Recently, however, because of work schedules and other factors (and Pokemon GO, I won’t even lie), our recording schedule for ‘BroOp Gameplay’ recordings have been nonexistent.

I have a single episode in Kirby for tomorrow at the time of posting this, but after that nothing. So, that being said, this week may be lacking the standard number of uploads while we get this worked on. I want to finish Kirby’s Dreamland 3 and get back to the solo uploads, but I’m doing the best I can with the free-time I got between work and personal life.

Thank you all for being supportive fans.  I hate leaving you all without a video at times, but it’s something it going to happen once in a while – the price of real life.

Update – April 2nd


So, small update time!

We got our Adobe software back and will be using the Patreon donations to continue paying for the Creative Cloud, so I appreciate the support. It helped keep this channel going.

Recording sessions for Half-Life 2 will resume on Sundays again with episodes for Monday/Tuesday and Thursday/Friday. We got three uploaded this week, but I’ll make sure to get the full week back on track each Sunday.

Recording sessions for BroOp Gameplay will resume when I fix whatever happened to my OBS/Elgato interaction. It hasn’t wanted to work as intended this week and I’m looking into the issue. BroOp Gameplay episodes will resume on Monday/Wednesday/Friday following the correction and recording.

During the end slate of the final three episodes of each series, I will begin adding a Poll card (visible on desktop and mobile) where you all can select the next Let’s Play series we play. I’ll select three choices from games I’m interested in and then add them to the poll for you all to pick from. Poll will be checked 24 hours after the Finale episode airs. Keep an eye out!

We will be working on a new opening and end slate specifically for BroOp, so be on the look out for that too!

So, yeah, that’s where we stand right now on SharkyHatGamer. If anything big happens, I’ll post here and you can see it on Facebook/Tumblr/Twitter.


As of 6:30pm – March 2, 2016 – I have come to learn that my Adobe Master Collection serial number has expired. As some of you may or may not know, I was given the code by a friend through his school, but was under the impression it was a lifetime serial number – not a limited time one. This is a $1500-$2000 program, so you can understood why I’m not just going out and purchasing a new one.

This sucks on the most impressive of scales. I can’t access my Premiere Pro, my Audition, my Photoshop, After-Effects, anything. I cannot edit my videos. I cannot record my audio. I cannot make my thumbnails.

So – with today’s LEGO Avengers – I will be on an indefinite hiatus until I can figure it out. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: I could go with cheaper programs. I’ve tried them before getting Premiere and I can tell you the quality will drop drastically. Especially with Sony Vegas. Plus they cost money as well and I’m not risking my entire system with sketchy torrents and cracks to avoid the fees. I’d rather stick this out until I have the Adobe stuff back because – to make it perfectly clear –  it’s the best fucking collection of programs I’ve ever used. Period.

Thank you all for the support over the last few years. I promise to not be gone long.

  • Dallas “SharkyHatGamer” Landreth